December Appeal — We DID it!

A special thank you to those who have donated to the December Appeal.

Carol Aaronson;
Michele Alperin;
Avrum Ashery & Susan Cohen;
Lauryn Beltz;
David & Roberta Benor;
Sandor & Florence Bernstein: In Honor of the
      Rich Family;
Ben & Suzanne Bronheim;
Cherie Brown & George Mazza;
Syd & Adriane Brown;
Steve & Jane Carlin;
Elaine & Harry Chernotsky: In
       Honor of Reb David;
Gary & Kristi Chirlin;
Joyce Chung;
Ellen Hornstein & Denis Cioffi;
Arthur Delibert & Anne Schwartz Delibert: In               Memory of Marjorie Baehr Schwartz;
Robert Drogin:
       In Memory of Samantha Drogin;
Honey & Ira Edell;
Hilda Ederer:
       In Memory of Fred Ederer;
Larry Eig: In Memory of Mary Jane Eig;
Herbert Feinroth;
Evan Foster: In Honor of Reb David;
Larry & Cindy Frank;
Bonnie Friedman;
Noreen Freidman;
Marshall Fritz;
David Garber:
       In Memory of Garry Garber;
Kenneth Giles;
Jonathan Glass & Robyn Holstein-Glass;
Sam & Patricia Goldberg;
Philip & Susanne Goldberg:
       In Memory of Karl Dietz;
Bobbie & Mike Goldberg;
Miles Goldstein & Fran McMahon;
Sandra Goodbody;
Michael Greene;
Molly & Judah Greenzaid;
Eileen & Sam Harahan;
Martha Hare;
Jonathan Hefter;
Larry & Susie Hefter;
Austin Heyman;
Stuart & Daphne Himelfarb:
       In Memory of Frances Himelfarb;
Elaine Hrushka;
Anthony Hyatt;
Ronald Isaacson;
Paige & Jake Jacobson: In Honor of Reb David;
Henry & Barbara Jasny;
Linda Jarschauer Johnson;
Melissa Kahn;
Lori Kaplan;
Jennifer & Greg Kaufmann;
Ken & Elizabeth Kellar;
Stephen Klein;
Christine Kohl;
Merrill Leffler: In Memory of Eileen Leffler;
Isiah & Catherine Leggett;
Robert Lent;
Sivan Leviyang: In Memory of Schmuel       Rottenstreich;
Bob & Robin Loube;
Mary Maggin;
Janeane & Eric Marks;
Tali & Robert Mathis;

  Ursula Meyer: In Memory of Eric Meyer;
Bernie & Rita Meyers;
Ellen Meyerson: In Honor of Reb David;
Karen Miller;
Leslie  Montroll;
Hal & Janet Morrison;
Allen & Beverly Mushinsky;
Paulo & Margot Neuhaus;
Mark Novak;
Mark Novak & Renee Brachfeld: In Honor of       Rabbi Shneyer;
Joe Oppenheim;
Alan & Diana Oresky:
       In Memory of Seymour M. Oresky;
Karen & Aron Primack;
Barbara & Joe Psotka;
Dena & Jerry Puskin;
Ellen Reider;
Elaine Reuben;
Bonnie & Allan Rich;
Peter Roemer:
       In Memory of Sue Roemer;
Yuval Rottenstreich: In Memory of Schmuel
Sara Rottenstreich: In Memory of Schmuel               Rottenstreich;
Lisa Rovin: In Memory of Catherine Lorraine;
Marla Rudnick;
Rachel Ruina & Andrew Bennett;
Bob & Loretta Saks;
Harry & Ilene Schall: In Memory of Ellen Schall; Harry & Ilene Schall: In Memory of Ronnie
Orin Schepps & Samantha Maltzman:
       In Memory of Shulamith Cohen;
Michelle Schuster;
Ronald Schwartzbach: In Memory of Marion       Alban;
Richard Schwartz;
Audrey Shane;
Norman Shore:
       In Honor of Judy Beltz;
Esther Siegel;
Frank Silberstein;
Carol Silverman: In Memory of Sol Silverman; Meredith Skeath;
Jeffrey & Stacy Sklaver;
Frank & Monica Sparber;
Shoshana Spiegel;
John Spiegel: In Honor of Reb David;
Jeffrey Spieler;
Nessa Spitzer;
Theo & Liz Stone;
Shelley Sturman & Noam Stopak;
Freda & Gary Temple;
Dona Teplitz;
Ralph & Maida Tryon;
Larry & Kari Uman;
Deborah Vagins;
Eric Weinberg: In Honor of Tanya, Maya &
      Sholmi Yahana;
Marylin Weinstein;
Ruth Weiss;
Hanna Weissberger:
       With huge appreciation for all you do;
Robert Winer;
Florence Winnik;
Robert Wise;
Sue Zemsky  

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