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December Appeal

Thanks to all of our December Appeal Donors:

Carol Aaronson;
Dwight & Ingrid Alpern;
Andres Aparicio;
Michael & Nancy Arons;
Jules & Muriel Asher;
David & Roberta Benor;
David Blumenstein;
Donna Boxer;
Cecile Brach;
Ann & Miles Bradbury;
Cherie Brown
 In Memory of Laura Brown;
Bruce & Wynne Busman;
Elaine & Harry Chernotsky 
In Honor of Reb David;
Joyce Chung 
In Memory of Martin N. Epstein;
Sherman Cohn;
Anne Schwartz Delibert;
Nancy Dudwick;
Ira & Honey Edell;
Hilda Ederer;
Sarah Eilers 
With continued appreciation to Rabbi Shneyer for his important role in my daughter Jana's bat mitzvah in 2012;
Monica Engle 
In support of David Shneyer's wonderful work - especially in these troubled times;
Larry & Cindy Frank 
In Celebration of David & Diane;
Rosalind Franke 
In Memory of Lew Frank;
Francine Freedman;
Susan Freiband;
David Garber;
Ken Giles;
Don Glaser & Maryrita Wieners;
Sylvia Glaser 
In honor of two very wonderful friends, Janet & Hal Morrison - with wishes for continued good health, joy & peace;
Jonathan Glass & Robyn Holstein-Glass;
Lois Godel 
In Memory of Lew Frank;
Samuel & Patricia Goldberg;
Miles Goldstein;
Sandra & Thomas Goodbody 
In Memory of Sam and Bea Toll;
Thomas & Barbara Gottschalk;
Jill Greenberg 
In Honor of David Shneyer;
Michael Arthur Greene;
Judah & Molly Greenzaid;
Alice Haber;
Margaret & Evan Hadley;
Eileen & Sam Harahan 
In Honor of Diane Jacobstein;
Martha Hare;

Debbie Helfeld;
De Herman 
In Honor of Esther Siegel;
Austin Heyman;
Ben Hole 
In Memory of Sherry Novak;
Elizabeth Hurwit;
Anthony Hyatt;
Paige & Jake Jacobson;
Henry & Barbara Jasny;
Linda Jarschaur Johnson;
Claude & Linda Kacser;
Melissa Kahn;
Eryca Kasse 
In Honor of Rabbi David Shneyer;
Vera Katz;
Elizabeth & Kenneth Kellar;

Judith Kirsch;
Stephen Klein;
Christine Kohl 
In Memory of Ellen Schall;

David Kuperman In Honor of Florence Kuperman;
Priscilla Labovitz;
Isiah Leggett;
Robert Lent;
Kate Losman;

Rob & Mary Maggin;
Francine McMahon;
Leslie Montroll;
Rebecca Morgan;
Harold & Janet Morrison;
Sharon Murphy;
Allen & Beverly Mushinsky;

Paulo & Margot Neuhaus 
In Memory of Kurt Neuhaus;
Stan Oshinsky & Lynn Levin;
Larry Paul;

Carol Pod In Memory of Sol Silverman;
Barbara & Joe Psotka;
George Ragovis;
Joel Resnik;
Rachel Robinson 
In Memory of Irvine Robinson;
Elliot Roseman 
In Memory of Rena F. Roseman;
Abby Rosen 
In Memory of Rose & Dan Rosen;
Sara Rothenstreich;
Lisa Rovin;

Marla Rudnik & Ethan Cohen;
Rachel Ruina;

Sarajane Sacks 
In Memory of Julien H. Sacks;
Robert Samors 
In Honor of Rabbi David Shneyer;
Michelle & Steve Schuster;
Morton & Mina Schwartz 
In Memory of Lew Frank;
Richard Schwartz;
David Shneyer;
Esther Siegel 
In Honor of David;
Steven Silver;
Ira & Sharon Silverman;
Jacquelyn & Don Silverman;
Carol Simon;
Meredith Skeath;
Myra Sklarew 
In Honor of Simas Davidovich;
Jeffrey & Stacy Sklaver;
Deborah T. Smith;
Frank & Monica Sparber;
John Spiegel;
Shoshana Spiegel & Theodore Stewart;
Ness Spitzer 
In Memory of Lew Frank;
Maurice Sterns;
Theo Stone;
Shelley Sturman 
In Honor of our wonderful children and grandchildren;
Robert Sunshine;
Ralph Tryon & Maida Schifter;
Jane Udelson;
Kari Uman;
Larry & Kari Uman;
Deborah Vagins 
In Honor of Sandra Vagins;
Marilyn Weinstein;
Leesa Weiss;
Lewin & Ronnie Weyl;
Robert Winer;
Florence Winnik;
Robert Wise;
Howard Young

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